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March - May 2019

Luke Moodie - Snuph Wax

The biodegradable snowboarding wax, Snuph Wax was born from the idea of wanting to make a difference, in particular to the environment and also to families with seriously ill children.

Initial fundraising involved founder, Luke Moodie, skateboarding 330km from NSW to the New Monash Children’s Hospital in October 2014. This week-long journey was close to Luke’s heart as his nephew is a frequent visitor to the hospital where he receives ongoing treatment for his illness.

To continue on supporting the New Monash Children’s Hospital Luke started to consider how his other passion, Snuph Wax, might be able to help. Snuph Wax is an iron on, all-natural, biodegradable wax for snowboarders looking to keep their gear in top condition. Luke wanted to make a good wax that was environmentally friendly at its core without requiring his customers to go full “tree-hugger”. Instead, Luke describes Snuph Wax as an “Eco gesture”, an easy option to make a change and a difference in some small way. Small changes by many lead to big changes, and if there is an alternate option with snow wax, or any product for that matter to make a difference, then why not.

100% of all Snuph Wax’s profits are donated to the New Monash Children’s Hospital to support those families and kids who are going through rough times. Recieved a Be More Collective grant opens up a world of opportunities for Luke. The first step is refining the current products (the original Snowboard Wax and newly released Leather Wax) through more research and testing, by myself and his keen Ambassadors. Luke also will pursue some new products such as a Lip Balm, a snowboard Base Cleaner, and different Snowboard wax blends to accommodate different snow temperatures around the world, all while maintaining his commitment to remaining an all-natural eco product.