Every day, more Australians aspire to greater things. We can only award one recipient the grant quarterly but every one of their stories is an inspiration.

image for Changing the Story, One Voice At A Time!

Changing the Story, One Voice At A Time!

1000 Tales provides a unique outlet for storytelling and produces tools for literacy that reflect the lived experiences of culturally, linguistically diverse and marginalised community.

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image for Snuph Wax

Snuph Wax

The eco-friendly and bio-degradable Snuph Wax was born from the idea of wanting to make a difference, in particular to the environment. With 100% of profits donated.

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image for Protecting Cambodia Wildlife

Protecting Cambodia Wildlife

As a content creator for a few websites and magazines, I often get to share stories and would like to do more to inspire others to be more involved in conservation efforts - directly or otherwise.

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image for Nature is Reality

Nature is Reality

The short film I want to show the audience is the overlooking the importance of nature, as we go about our busy lives, it makes it easy for it to disappear right in front of our eyes.

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image for Making the Right Path for Teens

Making the Right Path for Teens

I had a pretty rough upbringing and took a long time to find happiness, which was created through BMX. As BMX is being inducted into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics I believe it is the perfect timing to introduce a stable plan for eliminating the urge for teens to go down the wrong path at my local BMX community.

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image for From Motorbike to Endurance Mountain Biking

From Motorbike to Endurance Mountain Biking

I am a retired motorcycle speedway rider and my professional days are far behind me. This year I'm making a comeback, but instead of motorcycles, I'm racing in endurance mountain biking.

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image for Road to Success

Road to Success

I have a dream that I want to race competitively.

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image for Good Access. Great Adventures.

Good Access. Great Adventures.

We want people of all abilities to enjoy meaningful travel experiences across Australia.

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image for Bubish Luxe & Toast Society

Bubish Luxe & Toast Society

Two sisters who are best friends want to make luxury outerwear accessible to the everyday woman.

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image for Help Me to Be More!

Help Me to Be More!

I am a mum of 3 kids. Two years ago I decided to be more than just a mum !!

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image for NumuWorld Launch

NumuWorld Launch

I want to make everyone's influence count.

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image for I Want to Help

I Want to Help

'I Want To Help' is an online platform that connects volunteers with their ideal organisation.

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image for My Journey As An Elite Athlete

My Journey As An Elite Athlete

I will be competing in 2 overseas competitions, it would be an honour to have your support.

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If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.

– Maya Angelou