Snuph Snowboarding Wax - BMC Recipient


Our latest recipient of the Be More Collective Grant epitomises what it means to #BeMore! Through his all natural, eco-friendly range of wax products he not only is helping the environment but also donates 100% of profits to help sick kids.


Every spring as the ski fields melt away, an entire season worth of chemical-rich wax residue flows with the melting snow into local water systems. Luke Moodie the founder of Snuph wax and passionate snowboarder saw an opportunity to do something about this, helping the environment and supporting sick kids along the way.

Snuph Wax is all natural and biodegradable, which means waxing your snowboard before you hit the slopes will have zero impact on the environment. “Snuph is not about pushing you to go all out “tree hugger” style or anything, and if you’re that way inclined then that’s great, Snuph wax is more of a biodegradable “Eco gesture” that is an easy option to make a change and a difference in some way” says Luke.

Everything in the process of making Snuph wax must be all natural and eco-friendly. To achieve this Snuph wax, has no GM ingredients, natural jute packaging, recycled paper tags and eco-friendly markers for hand-drawn labels.

Snuph wax allows Luke to help more than just the environment, by donating 100% of the profits to the New Monash Children’s hospital he is also able to help sick kids! It all started in 2014 when Luke skateboarded 330km from NSW to New Monash Children’s Hospital as a fundraising event. Now with Snuph wax, Luke can continually support the children’s hospital, by raising funds for a cause close to his heart as Luke’s nephew is a frequent visitor of the hospital where he receives ongoing treatment for his illness.

With the Be More Collective grant, Snuph wax will be able to create more all-natural products. Luke excitedly tells us that he “would love to share all prototype products with you (and we will), but for now, we can happily say a base cleaner is up next!”


We’re proud to be able to support Luke and help him to grow Snuph wax! If you’d like to get involved, or are planning a trip to the snow, head over to his Instagram or website, and make sure your winter adventure doesn’t leave a lasting mark on the environment. Plus you’ll be helping the Monash Children’s Hospital.


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