While many small businesses fail in their first few months, Clays has bucked the trend! Having just celebrated the one-year anniversary of Clay Needs no Mouldering.


Clay’s business involves cleaning wheelie bins in his local area in Brisbane. His business model is quite simple, $10 for one bin, $15 for two bins and $5 for each bin after that. After just a year, Clay now has over 70 clients and 3 employees, quite impressive for a 17-year-old! The business continues to gain media attention, due to Clay’s hard work and dedication highlighting him as a role model for people with Autism.


Clay used the Be More Collective grant to help get his business set up properly, purchasing a new laptop for managing the business, setting up his ABN and printing signage for the family car. Clays mum, Laura, mentioned,‘One thing we do is always support local businesses.’ So, they purchased signage from a local business in their area. Clay has also secured advertising in his school’s newspaper for a whole year to promote his wheelie great business!


2019 is going to be a massive year for Clay! Having just started his last year of high school, he’s looking forward to completing Year 12. Although Clay will be very busy this year with school and the business, with the help of his mother they will also continue to work closely with the autistic community in the Wynnum area. In 2018, Clay’s family were extremely active in the community, supporting ‘Bullying, No Way!’. As a result of her tireless dedication, Laura was nominated for her work within the Australian social sector by Impact 25. Clay was also awarded last year with the Bonners Bright Star Award.


Clay represents equal opportunity for his peers, as said perfectly by Laura,

‘The most important thing is to provide them with an ordinary life, with ordinary opportunities’.


Clay saw an opportunity and seized it, and with his incredible work ethic, we are sure the business will continue to thrive throughout 2019. If you have the ambition to make your passion a reality, but just need some help getting started, apply now to our Be More Collective Grant - it is never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

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