Leigh Ward


Leigh Ward has such a strong passion for fitness, he will push himself until he has literally nothing left to give. A CrossFit Mesomorph Head Coach and former professional Kneeboarder, Leigh puts in 100% to his fitness lifestyle. Strength and conditioning are his focus.

Leigh grew up in Adelaide with a strong passion for sports. During his teenage years, he spent most of his time on the water Kneeboarding. Next thing you know he was competing professionally overseas, and for a time, held an Australian World Record for the Highest Trick Run. After competing in the big stages for over 5 years, Leigh turned towards a career in fitness and coaching.

Once completing certifications at the Australian Institute of Fitness, he started personal training at a local gym. It wasn’t long until Leigh pursued CrossFit, and with some partners, opened his own CrossFit gym.

Now in 2019, Leigh owns a second CrossFit gym which has been recently re-branded to Mesomorph Fit. Each session in the gym shows Leigh how principles of CrossFit can resonate in people’s lives. It is this satisfaction that keeps Leigh and his clients completely motivated.

Years working with individuals and groups to forge elite fitness has allowed Leigh to cater for beginner levels right through to professional athletes. Leigh's CrossFit gyms are located in St Mary’s and Magill in Adelaide. He also coaches gymnastics and weightlifting. Leigh aspires to Be More every day, with a goal of making it to the 2019 CrossFit Games.

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