Isabella Bozicevic

An assassin focuses all their energy on the prize, and the Pink Assassin Isabella Bozicevic has her focus on one thing: becoming number one in the world and being known as Australia's most celebrated tennis champion.

Champions keep playing until they get it right, and Isabella has been training with a steely resolve since she was nine years old. Her love for the game began when she was unpacking boxes and discovered her father's tennis trophies and awards. From here, Isabella started playing tennis, and she formed her burning passion for the game. The tennis dream has taken Isabella and her family from their hometown in Melbourne to the sunny Gold Coast. Coached by her father Carl Bozicevic, Isabella has risen to the number one ranking in her age group, and she's currently competing in the women's Tennis Pro Tour.

Isabella's unwavering love for the sport and her commitment to improving every day has seen her goal of reaching number one become a real possibility. At Kanguru Energy, Isabella's single-minded focus inspires us to Be More, every day. We're so excited to be right beside Isabella as she continues to rise.


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