Speed is the game and Amy Cure is her name. Not satisfied with a few medals Amy has been chasing down competitors for years, bringing home a total of 8 medals for Australia. Now she’s gearing up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics…ready to outdo anyone that stands in the way of winning.

Amy Louise Cure is a 26-year old professional cyclist, based in Adelaide and part of the Australian Institute of Sport. Amy is a 2 times World Champion, four times Junior World Champion, Commonwealth Games Medallist and 2 times Olympian.

Amy grew up in Burnie, Tasmania, where she started her passion for the sport at 12 years old. Near her home town in Tasmania, a carnival was held that had events like wood chopping, running and track cycling. After borrowing a bike from her local bike shop and giving track cycling a go, there was looking back. It only took a couple of months for Amy to compete at a junior level, going on to break a national record. Her passion for cycling has enabled her to progress to a professional level. It only took 2 years in the Elite Ranks to secure selection for the Olympic Games in London.

In 2014, Amy was given the title of AIS Sports Performance Junior Athlete of the Year. The following year, Amy alongside her team smashed England’s Team Pursuit Record by over three seconds.

2018 was a tough year for Amy mentally, rivaling her passion for cycling was her personal life. However, after a short break, she realised her passion for the sport still had a strong flame. Once the new year kicked off, Amy successfully won the 2019 World Championships alongside her team, gearing up her confidence for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Amy’s passion for cycling spans across both track and road racing with the main focus being track coming towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Every year Amy proves herself as a staple in the professional cycling community, proving her aspirations to Be More cannot be matched.

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