More than just words on our can.

For Kanguru ®, ‘Be More’ means more than a cleaner, smarter energy drink. The Be More Collective™ is the result of our driving purpose: to do more than just talk, and to empower you ­– real Australians with real goals – to feel like your aspirations are never beyond your reach.

That’s why, in addition to creating this active community of those seeking inspiration, we award a quarterly grant of up to $2,000 to recipients whose driving ideas, ambitions and talents deserve the support to become a reality.

Our mission is simple: By aspiring to be better and helping you to do the same, we aim to improve the world one life at a time.

It’s what’s inside the can that helps us do more, and Be More, outside the can.

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Through Kanguru, we believe we have a responsibility to society. It’s not enough to simply succeed in our own right; we believe with success comes a responsibility to help others in our society to also attain success; to ‘Be More’. This way - from a humble, clean energy, smart energy drink - we can help deliver benefits to individuals, society and our community

- Dr David Kitchen, Founder and CEO